The Second Nonsense Writing Contest-Fugitive of Medusa

enero 25, 2020 Por antoniarhuiz

IMG-20191207-WA0026 - copia.jpg
Damn it! I have to hide.
Medusa’s after me,
A sentence is imposed on me,
a fugitive I am.
I preach freedom,
My rights they want to violate.
A King, I do not presume to be
But I am king of my world.
I promise never to see you again,
If you’ll just let me be.
Well, I don’t want to use the pliers.
Okay, this is my entry for The Second Nonsense Writing Contest by @Richarde. This was the craziest thing I could do today. I hope you like it.

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One aim is to silence the inner Saturn and allow Urania the freedom to pursue her flights of fantasy.