Day 858: 5 Minute Freewrite: It is not the feathers, it’s the colors of the peacock.

febrero 26, 2020 Por antoniarhuiz


It is not the feathers, it’s the colors of the peacock.

This song is inspired by the song «Pavo Real» sung by the Venezuelan Jose Luis Rodriguez, El Puma, whose interpretation refers to courtship, marriage, and racism. We may think that it does not refer to the song but it does have a relationship, as it alludes to several aspects like the ones already mentioned.

The theme in question makes us think of the range of possibilities dealt with in the song that can be easily compared to the colorful plumage of the peacock. Specifically, concerning the issue of racial diversity, I believe that the most important thing is to overcome the limitations of skin color to «have children with peacock feathers,» that is, to mix our colors to create a palette as beautiful as the colorful peacock feathers. Long live diversity in all its manifestations!

So much for the 5 minutes.

This is a song that contains a social reflection on marriage, the procession, and its details. Also, indirectly this song seeks to highlight the idiosyncrasy of the Venezuelan plains and Venezuelan belonging with the word «cool» and a bird that represents the exuberant color of Venezuela the «Peacock».

The most natural thing in the world should be to accept our fellow men as they are, whatever the color of their skin; since we are all travelers in the same ship and in that sense we are brothers biologically and spiritually if that can also be understood.

The text is my presentation to Freewrite from @mariannewest. I’m excited about this project, it’s exciting to be challenged.


Day 858: 5 Minute Freewrite: Tuesday – Prompt: peacock

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