#ZAPFIC: cuéntame un cuento con 240 caracteres o menos (¡un concurso de micro ficción con un grupo de premios que incluye 6 SBI 100 Marlians, 100 CCC!)

marzo 10, 2020 Por antoniarhuiz

This is my proposal for #Zapfic. It’s an invention of @felt.buzz about creating a 240 character story or tale involving the notice that corresponds to this week: alarm, it doesn’ have to be present in the text. It is an honor for me to participate in this edition of the 100th week.

Credit of @felt.buzz
This is another contest that allows the development of creativity but is careful! because they are characters, not words, that you must take into account for the counting. How can you do it? You can use this tool https://wordcounter.net/.

When the dream is an alarm.

For many years I had a recurring dream. There were some coffins and people dressed in black. I rested from the dream but it came back. One day I was told of the tragic death of 4 members of my family. My alarm went off: dream, coffins, sad.

Do you think it is easy? Well, try it. Participate in this fun challenge, here I give you the invitation.


Congratulations to the winners of the previous #Zapfic@oivas , @joeylim , @outerground .

Zapfic is now being hosted in the Freewriters Community.
You don’t have to post your entries to the Freewriters Community but if you do you’ll get a resteem from the @freewritehouse plus upvotes from the Community account – @hive-161155.






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